Tutorials on How to Use Media Merchant


Video Links


Register for M2 Video 1 explains how to register to use Media Merchant (M2). The video ends just prior to connecting a user's Amazon account to their newly established M2 account.
Connect to Amazon Video 2 describes how to connect an M2 account and Amazon account as well as describing how change an Amazon account to pro-seller if needed.
Add to Inventory Video 3 is about adding a book to your inventory through the M2 Dashboard while using a scanner.
List on Amazon Video 4 provides an in depth description of listing both merchant and Amazon fulfilled books on Amazon using M2.
FBA Shipments Video 5 explains how to use M2 to prepare and send an FBA shipment of listed books including printing labels for each book and postage for boxes of books to be sent to Amazon.
Merchant Shipment Video 6 demonstrates how to use M2 to respond to an order I received for a book sold on Amazon that I will, pick, pack and ship myself.
Update Inventory Video 7 is about updating an inventory entry for a book by using the edit button found for the book in the M2 dashboard. The price and quantity of the book can also be updated on Amazon using the edit function.
Delete a Book Video 8 is about deleting an inventory entry for a book by using the delete button found for the book in the M2 dashboard. Changes made in M2 are reflected in Amazon
Reports Video 9 is about the three types of reports available in M2. Two of the reports capture historical information about the exchange of data between M2 and Amazon while the third reports errors M2 encounters.