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M2 is for use by third party Amazon book dealers.

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Who should use Media Merchant ==> M2 is for use by third party Amazon book dealers who may also have a brick-and-mortar store.

Services Provided

Media Merchant Provides the Following Services

If you are a book re-seller on Amazon you can use Media Merchant, to list your books on Amazon so that potential customers can buy them. You can also use Media Merchant, M2 for short, to track inventory, ship sold books to customers directly or ship them to Amazon, who will pick, pack and ship your inventory to your customers for you. M2 provides a detailed inventory database that you maintain outside Amazon that holds information useful for serious book dealers and collector. The M2 Fetch by ISBN function can be used to fill in many of the inventory fields automatically. Whatever you include in your inventory entry can be used to list your book on Amazon.

Once a book is listed on Amazon M2 can be used to update the quantity of books available following a sale or if additional books have been purchased. After updating price and quantity in your M2 inventory database you can request that same changes be made on Amazon.

M2 also has a number reports available that help keep track of FBA shipments sent and books mailed directly to customers in response to an order.

M2 can be used to keep track of inventory, list books on Amazon, prepare and send FBA shipments and mail books to customers that are kept in your own storage space.

Summary of Features and Market

What M2 has to Offer and Where

What Market Place Applies: M2 is for use in the United States market place.

Media Merchant Features:

  • Creation of new listings on Amazon
  • Listing books associated with an existing listing
  • Updating quantity and price
  • Arranging for FBA shipments
  • Printing labels for books in and FBA shipment and postage for the shipment
  • Printing postage in response to an order a seller keeps in their own storage space
  • Reporting on FBA shipments and MFN books sent to customers

First 30 Days Free! List up to 500 books a month for $ 9.99. List up to 1000 for $ 12.99. 1500 or more listings a month for $ 15.99.

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